Smashingly Succesful Auditions

What an exciting week we had at Morris Park Players! Auditions were held this week. We had 70 people audition! Hopefuls first had to sing a song of their choice in less than 60 seconds. Our producer kept time and told each actor/actress not to worry if they got cut off… it was nothing personal. This was very true as each and every one of the people that auditioned brought something unique to the table or, in this case, the stage. After they sang their song they were tested for vocal range… on “la” they had to go up note by note as high as they could go, and then back down as low as they could go. Quite a few were pleasantly surprised by how wide a range they had. After vocal auditions each actor went downstairs the to the steaming hot auxiliary gym where they learned a bit of choreography and showed off their dance moves. All kinds of fantastic stuff came out of the performers.

Thursdays callbacks were equally exciting. Teenage boys and girls flocked to the stage to read for the parts of Gabriella, Troy, Sharpay, Ryan, Taylor, Chad, and countless other high school characters. After they read they were paired up to sing “Breaking Free,” a song that is far more difficult that you might initially think. Everyone rocked it, though. Lots of bold choices. After the teens finished up, the adults had their turn for callbacks as Mrs. Darbus and Coach Bolton. These actors had to find a balance between the tender and the intense. Again, the actors did a great job finding fun ways to show off their acting skills.

All in all, really excellent auditions. Morris Park Players is so thankful for everyone that auditioned and we hope that all will continue to be involved both on stage and off.