Cast for The Sound of Music

Thank you to all who auditioned for The Sound of Music last week. Morris Park Players is pleased to announce the cast list for the show!

Maria Rainer: Kelsey Wuornos
Sister Berthe: Margaret Burton
Sister Margaretta: Vicki Sands-Roehl
Mother Abbess: Christy Kane
Sister Sophia: Anita Spading
Capain Georg Von Trapp: John Ballin
Franz: David Dexter
Frau Schmidt: Theresa Jackson
Liesl: Brooke Sjoquist
Friedrich: Trevor Hendrix
Louisa: Miranda Mier
Kurt: CJ Young
Brigitta: Grace Anderson
Marta: Lauren Kadlec
Gretl: Claire Lavin
Rolf: TBD
Elsa Schraeder: Jodi Richert
Max: Michael Muloney
Herr Zeller: Chad Carter
Baron Alberfeld: Steven Greenhalgh
Admiral Von Schreiber: Collin McAnnich
Chorus: Diannah Robertson
Melody Hanna
Jacklyn Dammel
Cheryl Magnell
Sonja Peterson
Ciara Murphy
Lydia Carlson
Christina Nelson-Wendt
Addie Wendt
Emmalee Trottier
Mary Leighton
Lorraine Kaley
Lydia Thoreen
Aaron Rose
Cameo Kids: Ellie Meier
Vivian Hays
Abby Sobol
Maren Ronald


High School Musical crew

In case you hadn’t heard, there is a CREW behind the scenes of High School Musical On Stage! They are as follows:

Director: Wade Fields                                                                                                   Producer: Chris Hallin                                                                                                      Music Director: Kelly Kadlec                                                                                             Stage Manager: Abbey Dibble                                                                                             Assistant Stage Manager: Cameron Nelson                                                                       Choreographer: Joseph James                                                                                           Costumer: Kirsten Klevar                                                                                                 Properties: Nancy Trottier                                                                                               Lighting Designer: Denny Vogstrom                                                                                       Set: Dennis Dienst                                                                                                         Sound: Garth Engwall

Thank you to all the fabulous people that work tirelessly to make shows like High School Musical On Stage a reality at Morris Park Players!

Congratulations Cast of High School Musical!

Morris Park Players would like to thank everyone who auditioned for High School Musical. Congratulations to the following people on being cast in the show!

The Jocks

Troy: Jon Michael Stiff                                                                                                            Chad: Demetrius Timberlake                                                                                                Zeke: Brandon Reger                                                                                                           Jason: Gage Miller                                                                                                               Bill: William Brown                                                                                                               Cheerleaders/Ensemble: Alyson Westerhaus, Arayah Fooy, Ceanna Starr, Emma    Sax, Shaadiah Swenson, Nissa Rolf

The Brainiacs

Gabriella: Sadie Wendt                                                                                                        Taylor: Victoria Jones                                                                                                           Martha Cox: Jessica Halverson*                                                                                              Kratnoff: Christian Savakes                                                                                                      Ensemble: Ciara Murphy, Rose Davis

The Skaters

Ripper: Esme Etter                                                                                                              Mongo: Steven Villagomez                                                                                                     Ensemble: Lucina Lynch, Meghan Fisher, Oshana Reich, Rachel Karis

The Thespians

Sharpay: Jesse McCormick                                                                                                 Ryan: Kyle Szarzynski                                                                                                            James: Jacob Becker                                                                                                          Kelsi: Madeline Kadlec                                                                                                         Susan: Jacklyn Dammel                                                                                                 Cathy: Grace Nollet                                                                                                            Alan: Jason Cariveau                                                                                                             Cyndra: Taylor Van Denburgh                                                                                                  Cali: Avery Ellis

The Other Students

Jack Scott: Brandon Osero                                                                                                 Sharpay’s Assistant: Willow Fields

The Adults

Ms Darbus: Christina Nelson-Wendt                                                                                Coach Bolton: Roger Kadlec                                                                                             Ms. Tenny/Adult Ensemble: Kelsey Marie Wuornos                                                           Vice Principle Greenhalgh/Adult Ensemble: Stephen Greenhalgh                                      Science Decathlon Moderator/Adult Ensemble: Vicki Sands-Roehl

The Kid Ensemble

AV Team Lead/Karaoke MC: Adeline Wendt                                                                    AV Sound Crew: Kahtryn Ramach, Maren Ronald

*Dance Captain

Smashingly Succesful Auditions

What an exciting week we had at Morris Park Players! Auditions were held this week. We had 70 people audition! Hopefuls first had to sing a song of their choice in less than 60 seconds. Our producer kept time and told each actor/actress not to worry if they got cut off… it was nothing personal. This was very true as each and every one of the people that auditioned brought something unique to the table or, in this case, the stage. After they sang their song they were tested for vocal range… on “la” they had to go up note by note as high as they could go, and then back down as low as they could go. Quite a few were pleasantly surprised by how wide a range they had. After vocal auditions each actor went downstairs the to the steaming hot auxiliary gym where they learned a bit of choreography and showed off their dance moves. All kinds of fantastic stuff came out of the performers.

Thursdays callbacks were equally exciting. Teenage boys and girls flocked to the stage to read for the parts of Gabriella, Troy, Sharpay, Ryan, Taylor, Chad, and countless other high school characters. After they read they were paired up to sing “Breaking Free,” a song that is far more difficult that you might initially think. Everyone rocked it, though. Lots of bold choices. After the teens finished up, the adults had their turn for callbacks as Mrs. Darbus and Coach Bolton. These actors had to find a balance between the tender and the intense. Again, the actors did a great job finding fun ways to show off their acting skills.

All in all, really excellent auditions. Morris Park Players is so thankful for everyone that auditioned and we hope that all will continue to be involved both on stage and off.

“High School Musical On Stage” and “The Sound of Music”

We are pleased to announce our 2012-2013 season! This Fall, 2012, we will be putting on ‘High School Musical On Stage.” Wade Fields will be our director. Auditions are Tuesday, September 4th and Wednesday, September 6th from 6:45 pm to 9:30 pm. We are considering adults and teens ages 12 and up. Everyone will be expected to sing and dance. Prepare a a verse and a chorus of an up-tempo song (under 90 seconds). Bring Sheet music for accompaniment. Dress for movement. Prepare to read. Be prepared to list all scheduling conflicts for September through November.

Performances: October 26 @ 7:30 pm, October 27 @ 2:00 pm, November 2 @ 7:30 pm, November 3 @ 7:30 pm, November 4 @ 2:00 pm, November 8 @ 7:30 pm, November 9 @ 7:30 pm, November 10 @ 7:30 pm

“The Sound of Music” is our show for the Spring of 2013. Stay tuned for more info!